Creating a Difference in the Way You Interact with Your Customers

Digital content has created a paradigm shift, connecting end users to content authors in ways that were not possible in the print world. The ever-changing ecosystem consisting of devices, operating systems, hardware & content formats for digital learning products have made the traditional support models obsolete. Magic EdTech's customer interaction management revolutionizes how mobile learning products are supported.

Help with the apps, platforms etc


  • Prompt solution for customer queries within the app, platform, eBook, and DLO
  • Upgrade to industry-standard ticketing tools
  • One-click ticket generation
  • Self-service using context sensitive help

Engineering Enhancements and Upgrades


  • Experienced support teams available onshore, nearshore, and offshore
  • Improved quality of self-service support on a month-to-month basis
  • Increased customer engagement and business impact
  • Identify upsell opportunities to enhance customer experience

Imrove Application Quality

Improve and Engage

  • Improve quality of application using advanced analytics
  • Enhance application's ability to track and collect useful data using latest APIs like Tin Can
  • Spot surveys to understand user behavior
  • Meticulous competition analysis and benchmark reports
  • Advanced data analysis on upsell and cross sell opportunities


Magic EdTech's Customer Interaction Management solutions are a one-step solution for Tier-One Help Desk support for digital mobile products. It is proactive, not reactionary.

Integrated Helpdesk

Integrated Helpdesk

  • Upgrade and integrate with industry-standard ticketing tools like Freshdesk, Zendesk, Salesforce or Jira
  • One-click ticket generation from the apps
  • Automatic data collection from the app for faster and more accurate resolution
Industry Context Helpdesk

Industry Context

  • Extensive experience with content, content engineering and distribution platforms
  • Experience with supporting over 2 million students in the United States
Helpdesk for reporting

Reporting and Analytics

  • Help Desk service measures and delivers business impact, resulting in higher sales and superior customer experience
  • Spot surveys to understand user behavior
  • Meticulous competition analysis and benchmark reports