Interactive Digital Learning Objects


Accessible NGSS Virtual Labs


Reusable Components and Frameworks


Subjects Coverage



Create exciting immersive content and simulations for Science, Math, Social Science, and Languages with our highly skilled Instructional Design and SME teams. Our technology solutions can help you rapidly develop high-quality content that aligns with National- and State-level education standards and help you achieve 100% accessibility compliance.

Virtual Labs

  • We create immersive NGSS virtual labs that are 100% accessible. Additionally, our SMEs and designers create immersive learning simulations that provide exploratory experiences. Our ready-to-use framework and components help meet shorter time-to-market goals.

Math Tools

  • We build math tools that make learning an exciting experience. Our SMEs help define concepts and storyboards for faster implementation. Our customizable and reusable components result in rapid development and cost savings for you.

Interactive Videos

  • We create engaging and accessible video content to teach Science and Language concepts that includes animation, whiteboard, and explainer videos using popular tools. Magic EdTech manages your content creation lifecycle on an end-to-end basis with the support of SMEs and creative design teams.

Language Learning Tools

  • We create gamified tools for language learning. Our language experts help define concepts, while our reusable game engines allow for rapid implementation.


Productized Technology Approach

  • Reusable and modular codebase
  • Ready-to-use tools and frameworks for any digital immersive content (Accessibility Framework, Reporting Engine, Platform Integration Library, Tin Can/SCORM, Game Engines)
  • 50+ configurable components available for building custom and complex functionalities via assembly of pre-built components

Accessibility Enablers

  • Products born accessible
  • WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliant technology tool kit for accelerated development
  • Technology team, editors, and designers who are accessibility experts


  • Content and user analytics
  • User action data capture via industry standards
  • Enable data capture in legacy products via ready-to-use API sets
  • Add custom data elements to capture new type of data