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Magic EdTech uses the following processes to determine whether your data can answer the questions that you want answered.

Data Engineering

Capturing Data

  • Data capturing & storage
  • Metrics
  • Research


  • Pattern identification
  • Understand usage trends
  • Data optimization

Deriving Insights

  • Real-time insights
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Performance analytics
  • Content usage analytics


Data Visualization

  • Tableau
  • Qlik
  • HTML5
  • Data-driven documents

Data Processing Tools

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • HDInsight
  • Amazon EMR
  • Cascading

Data Storage Infrastructure

  • Cloudera
  • mongoDB
  • Couchbase
  • SQL Azure

Data Analytics as a Service

  • High data proliferation due to Mobilee, IoT, and internet growth
  • Unstructured data to result-oriented interpretation
  • Faster and accurate decision making
  • Developing new and curated content

Content Usage Analytics

Learning Analytics

Student Progress Flow

Assessment Analytics

Helping publishers and EdTech organizations in transforming learners’ experience through analytics-driven solutions. Digital learning offers opportunities for capturing data directly related to a student’s interaction with the learning systems. Magic EdTech develops systems to analyze this data by capturing it and generating meaningful inferences focused on learning outcomes.