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Upskill, reskill, and prepare people for the jobs of the future. We take a strategic and collaborative approach to help learners and employees build the skills they need through effective learning interventions. Magic EdTech works as your one-stop solution for corporate training and career readiness programs.

Upskill, reskill, and prepare people for the jobs of the future, at scale

For Companies:

  • Department Heads: Upskill and reskill your team to ensure their career progression and increase overall business performance.
  • HR Leaders: Improve course stickiness and realize training ROI through our adaptive learning platforms, tailored specifically for competency-based career progression.
  • L&D Heads: Partner with us to train employees using emerging technologies, fostering motivation and enhancing retention strategies.

For Institutions:

  • Career Placement Heads: Create digital career development programs to prime learners for fulfilling and relevant jobs in their chosen fields.
  • Education Administrators: Bridge the gap between academia and the professional world through hands-on immersive learning solutions that prepare learners to enter the job market.

Learning Programs that Align with Your Strategic Goals

Empower learners through personalized learning experiences and pathways with our immersive technologies and AI-enabled frameworks.

  • Upskill and Reskill Employees

    Don’t let a skills gap hinder your team’s growth. Support your goals and objectives with our targeted training interventions, tailor-made to fit your company’s unique processes.

  • Add Immersive Learning to Programs

    Build learner skills and confidence without real-world repercussions. Use our immersive AR, VR, Simulations, and Gamification frameworks to rapidly develop and deliver courses that learners will enjoy and remember.
  • Streamline Learning Management

    Say goodbye to fragmented learning! We offer Learning Experience Platforms and LMS enhancement solutions to organize and track all your courses effectively.
  • Measure Training ROI

    Invest in training that yields results. Our analytics and assessment platforms are specially crafted to help you assess the impact of training on employee performance and business outcomes.
  • Enable Career Mobility and Readiness

    Improve job placement rates. We work with you to develop targeted curricula and courses that will give learners the technical and real-world skills they need to excel in their chosen careers.

Why Choose Magic EdTech As Your Workforce Training and Skill Development Partner?

Leverage our extensive expertise in the skill-building domain, instructional design, and technology, combined with our experience in creating cost-effective learning interventions.

Learning Domain Expertise

Our team of content developers, instructional designers, developers, and SMEs possess a deep-rooted understanding of learner behaviors and possess the domain knowledge to develop highly-effective learning programs.

Emerging Technologies

Our experience with AI-enabled content development and in building AR, VR, and Situational Simulation help learners retain knowledge and apply their new-found skills.


Our courses and technology are born accessible so that learners of all abilities can enjoy them and your organization meets WCAG compliance guidelines.

Technological Development and AI

Our tech team is adept at building blended, device-agnostic, and secure learning platforms. We work as a one-stop team for adaptive learning, data and analytics, and AI.

Our Critical Success Factors

At Magic EdTech, we take great pride in our ability to tackle challenges head-on. Our dedication to creating an inclusive learning environment sets us apart and drives us to continuously push the boundaries of corporate training.

Learning Efficacy

Our learning design and delivery practices ensure that your learning interventions are tightly aligned with the expected objectives.

Training Delivery and Support

We go beyond the development of training programs to ensure your learners or teams have the guidance and support they need to adopt the training successfully.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our frameworks and agile deployment models are poised to help your organization rapidly create programs tailored to your corporate culture and goals.

Compliance and Regulatory Understanding

We understand and manage the nuances of specific compliance and regulatory requirements for training content.

The Future of Workforce Skill Development with Solutions from Magic EdTech

Let us be your trusted partner in corporate training and development. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and explore how our tailored solutions can empower your employees and drive your business forward.