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2022’s 8 Best EDTECH & A11y TED TALKS to Inspire You

  • 27 December, 2022
  • Reading Time: 3 minutes

TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design – a platform that brings industry professionals and leaders from all across the globe to talk about thought-provoking ideas in almost every subject imaginable. These short keynote speeches are packed with insightful pieces of information and ideas to teach, inspire, or challenge you.

We love TED talks and hope you do too. While there are so many talks to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the best 2022 TED talks on various topics ranging from education to accessibility, and technology.


1. Jeff Dean: AI Isn’t as Smart as You Think — but It Could Be

Head of Google’s AI efforts, Jeff Dean talks about the technology that enables artificial intelligence to do all sorts of things and how by combining modalities and higher capacity models we can create powerful AI systems that can tackle greater problems humanity faces to help billions of people.

2. Adrian K. Haugabrook: 3 ways to lower the barriers to higher education

With the cost of getting into college being too high, less than 7% of people have a bachelor’s degree across the world. Adrian talks about creating a community where learning can take place anywhere, skills and experiences are equivalent to credits, and the need for institutions to redesign to be able to reach out to more students.


3. Jane Velkovski: The life-changing power of assistive technologies

90% out of the one billion people that require assistive technology have no access to them. Accessibility champion, Jane Velkovski’s talk is an inspiring and eye-opening view into the world of people with disabilities. Jane shares his experiences with living with SMA, the importance of assistive technology, inclusive education, and the need for governments and public policymakers to focus on the need for assistive technology.


4. Meghan Hussey: 4 Ways To Design a Disability-Friendly Future

Disability inclusion advocate, Meghan Hussey’s speech shed light on people with disabilities still being excluded from opportunities, stuck in the stereotypes, and in a poor social system. She has shared the 4 ways with which we can provide justice and equity to all people with disabilities as each one of us has the power to effect change.


5. Meryl Evans: The pandemic’s influence on accessibility

“History has shown that events like the pandemic can lead to change for the better.” The pandemic though came with a lot of destruction but also innovations that have made many people like Meryl feel included and reconnected to the world. Voted the top voice in disability advocacy 2022, Meryl Evans’s presentation shares the positive impacts of technology post-pandemic that made things more accessible and easier for all.

6. Matthew Garcia: How Global Virtual Communities Can Help Kids Achieve Their Dreams

Matthew Garcia talks about the ways online resources can help students get opportunities and resources they need with geographical boundaries not being a concern anymore. Creating an online community can make a lot of difference in helping young talents receive the right education.


7. Heejae Lim: The Most Powerful Yet Overlooked Resource in Schools

Entrepreneur Heejam Lim’s presentation focused on how diversity barriers can actually be turned into a great opportunity to be able to bridge the gap between cultural and knowledge differences fostering meaningful connections and helping students thrive in school.


8. Trish Millines Dziko: How Schools Can Nurture Every Student’s Genius

Trish shares how project-based learning is one of the most equitable ways to teach that can advance critical thinking skills in students, which they can use throughout their lives. A ten-year-old having the freedom to create his/her own imaginary world can really transform the public education system.

These were some of our top picks from the list of many wonderful TED talks from 2022. Hope you benefit from the important ideas shared in these brief, impactful talks to create an accessible, technically advanced, and learner-centric future.


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