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Say Hello to the New Magic EdTech

  • 7 October, 2021
  • Reading Time: 5-7 Minutes

Since 1990, Magic EdTech has led the digital transformation agenda of learning companies. Today, we move a step closer to ensure equitable access to digital learning products and platforms for everyone.

Before getting into the details of our new brand, logo, and website, let’s understand the backdrop for this change.

The shifting paradigm

The world has seen education and learning transform since the pandemic broke out in early 2020. Learning and teaching moved beyond the four walls of the classrooms to people’s homes making digital learning core to education at all levels. As the world prepares to welcome students back to their classrooms, digital learning products and platforms will continue to be an integral part of the pedagogy that will shape our collective future.

With this momentous shift in the education landscape, we cannot continue to operate with old thinking and expect different results.

Why change?

Today, more than ever before, we, along with our customers, have the opportunity to redefine the new normal of digital education. But, to get there, we’ll have to keep learner experience at the heart of everything we do. We will have to create learning experiences that are accessible to everyone.

Keeping that in mind, we are realigning ourselves to help learning companies along with teachers and students adapt to and thrive in this new normal of digital education.

Over the past three decades, our teams have helped learning organizations achieve their digital goals with their growth mindset powered by collaboration and innovation. Now, we are committing ourselves to help them overcome their current challenges by creating engaging and inclusive digital learning experiences.

What changes?

  • Our new tagline, Digital Learning for Everyone, embraces diversity and inclusion at its core and highlights Magic’s focus on creating learning experiences that serve everyone.


  • Our new logo uses a customized geometric font with soft edges and expresses our humanistic approach to problem-solving leveraging the latest technology.


Magic EdTech Logo

  • The new logo of MagicBox uses the same fonts as Magic EdTech and gets a modern makeover. It emphasizes our focus on helping our customers unlock new revenue streams by delivering their learning products using our technology.

MagicBox Logos

  • Our graphic imagery, the motif, shows our inclusive stance and the magic of the digital learning experience.


  • The new website represents our focus on solving challenges for the learning community and helping them build, deliver, and support superior digital learning experiences for everyone.


What does that mean for our customers?

A renewed commitment to helping them achieve their goals.

Our new brand was conceptualized in response to what the majority of our customers have told us and where the learning community is headed.

It was created with a singular vision of solving their challenges by helping them create inclusive digital learning experiences for their users and improve their learning outcomes. When they win, we all win.


Dipesh Jain

Dipesh is an experienced revenue professional with a knack for Sales, Marketing, and Presales leadership. But he's more than just a title – he's the driving force behind growth, fueled by his commitment to putting customers first. Dipesh's expertise isn't just in numbers; it's in building meaningful connections and solving real challenges across K-12. Whether it's product growth, improving learner and teacher relationships, or relationship management, he's your go-to person for making genuine connections and driving success.

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