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MagicA11y Live - Session 9

Beyond Aesthetics: Prioritizing Color Contrast for Improved Accessibility

About the Event

Did you know that understanding and testing for color contrast issues could be the secret ingredient to taking your digital products from ordinary to extraordinary? In this session, we will discuss the importance of proper color contrast in the digital environment. We’ll discuss typical color contrast issues, explain common testing and remediation methods, and share how AI-powered tools can support color contrast audits.

Takeaways from this event
  • Understand common color contrast issues in digital products.
  • Learn different methods for color contrast testing.
  • Experience how AI-enabled tools can support color contrast audits.

Key Takeaways

Your Hosts

  • Erin Evans

    Director of Accessibility
  • Tarveen Kaur

    Head Accessibility Service
  • Anjali Lalwani

    Specializing in Accessibility

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