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MagicA11y Live - Session 2

How to Use Accessibility Audits to Your Advantage

About the Event

The session "Using Accessibility Audits to your Advantage" explains the importance of conducting accessibility audits on digital products and services to ensure compliance with WCAG standards. The audit involves a combination of automated and manual testing to identify areas where organizations can improve their offerings for people with disabilities. The data from the audit can be used to prioritize gaps and develop a roadmap to meet compliance, with a VPAT as the next step.

Takeaways from this event
  • Understand the rationale for engaging in an accessibility audit
  • Understand the importance of and difference between automated and manual testing in the audit process.
  • Learn how to interpret the data specific to your market, personas, and needs so that you can prioritize your action plan

Key Takeaways

Your Hosts

  • Erin Evans

    Director of Accessibility
  • Tarveen Kaur

    Head Accessibility Service
  • Anjali Lalwani

    Specializing in Accessibility

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