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Episode 5

Using Technology To Improve Equity And Access In Education

Brief description of the episode

In the 5th episode of Tech In EdTech, Emilie Berglund, McGraw Hill talks about “Using Technology To Improve Equity And Access In Education” with Dan Gizzi, Magic EdTech.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is not just enough to create a compliant product.
  • Resources for teachers and students to gain the confidence to do this work, understand accessibility, engage users, and to scale
  • What do our customers need?
  • How do we design those experiences?
  • How do we use inclusive designs?
  • Focusing on the user experience upfront will lead really well into the development, testing, and the outcome
  • This takes time and investment.
  • You need to put in the money and the people.
  • You can get to where you need to be and you should seek expertise
  • There are resources and external expertise out there willing to help people with this change and it can be done more efficiently with those experts.
  • Invest in training

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