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Episode 3

Using Data To Identify Learning Gaps

Brief description of the episode

In the 3rd episode of Tech In EdTech, Kristopher Snover, BrightBytes talks about “Using Data To Identify Learning Gaps” with Dan Gizzi, Magic EdTech.

Key Takeaways:

  • Within weeks, educational organizations needed learning management systems to deliver content to students as well as a vast array of content within those platforms
  • Education and technology connected at a level that kids understood
  • Organizations put together quantitative and qualitative analytics to help them improve
  • Dove into what assets were available to students and which were not
  • Home environment and how they could give back
  • Identify gaps students have in their education
  • How are students using devices?
  • How is education being impacted in this new device-heavy system?
  • How can we improve? What has to change?

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