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Episode 13

Technology that Drives Student Autonomy

Brief description of the episode

In this episode, Ewoud de Kok, CEO of FeedbackFruits talks to Dipesh Jain about enabling student autonomy by reshaping pedagogies to deliver better student engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Education should contribute to public values. To get society ready to solve these big challenges and issues, education needs to consist of more than just training skills in students.
  • You have to create a growth mindset that is centered around motivation. If students are not motivated, it’s hard to learn, and if you’re motivated it gets easy.
  • It is vital to focus on making content an experience and not just material.
  • Social and experience engineering should start to be conducted in schools to foster this motivation – pedagogy leads and technology will follow.
  • We need to be more evolutionary in our approach to getting teachers to transition to the new mode of learning.
  • To do so, we should examine where the instructor already was in their pedagogy and learning design. This can help flip the classroom model that is currently in place.
  • If you change the pedagogy, it will change the learning design itself, and that is what will really improve learning.
  • We need to go beyond just converting in-person training to digital learning.
  • Curriculum designers need to overhaul pedagogical thinking in order to successfully blend it with technology and make it work for students.
  • Incorporate tools that teachers can easily organize and import into an existing classroom model.
  • Product architecture should be developed in a way that makes it capable of continuously scaling and be accommodating of feedback.

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