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Episode 6

Upgrade LTI For Better Learning Experiences

Brief description of the episode

In the 6th episode of Tech In EdTech, Mark Leuba, IMS Global Learning Consortium talks about Upgrading LTI For Better Learning Experiences with Michael Urban, Magic EdTech.

Key Takeaways:

  • Join us in exploring the advantages of implementing and integrating LTI.
  • Most recent security updating framework, which is LTI.3
  • Get comfortable with specifications
  • Knowledgable in standard and incorporating this new standard into your too
  • Testing services to adopt new standard and utilizes and learning from all other available resources
  • Contract for exchanging data in the new virtual learning space
  • Deeper integration
  • Deeper linking
  • Combination of 3 services that work together to support a teaching and learning experience → developing a course, building a course, and offering a course

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