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Episode 2

Using Technology To Create Engaging Learning Experiences

Brief description of the episode

Mike Rodbell from Explore Learning gives us tactical ways to create engaging learning experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Training teachers to pose open-minded questions to get kids to think actively
  • Making learning more conversational
  • Interactive tools within the classroom → putting students in the position of an investigator trying to understand what may have happened and walking them through the steps to discover that
  • Increase curiosity
  • Help kids embrace thinking and acquiring
  • Delivering products that address broader populations
  • In case being constrained by time and quantity does provide optimal quality
  • “Provide gems in people’s toolboxes”
  • Focus on creating engaging learning experience that are high-quality.
  • The needs of kids have some consistency, but within all of those innovations, teachers only have so much time to attend to teaching the children and make sure that we are providing the tools that make that job easier.

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