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Episode 8

Using Technology to Improve the Youth Program Experience

Brief description of the episode

In this episode of Tech In EdTech, Brita Nordin, Chief Product Officer at BellXcel speaks to our host, Dipesh, about how to “right-size” technology to improve youth programs and community-based learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • The out-of-school space today entails a wide ecosystem that is collaborative and community-based.
  • Out-of-school programs can help children with the fundamentals of social-emotional learning and health and its constants are really rooted in communities.
  • It gives youth and children opportunities for academic achievement, enrichment, and to pursue things they are interested in.
  • We need to support communities by giving them the resources and tools to help out of school spaces serve kids in their local space.
  • A few ways to go about this are to consolidate all the essential elements required for the success of these programs and put them within easy reach of program administrators, parents, students, and teachers.
  • The quality and impact of these programs should be rooted in evidence-based strategies that are developed using real learner data.
  • Setting bite-sized, everyday tasks can motivate staff to achieve their professional development goals and bring out the best in these programs.
  • We need to give youth centres these tools that are imbued with quality in a way that’s not overwhelming.

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