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Episode 12

Democratizing the Use of Technology in Education

Brief description of the episode

Episode 12 of Tech In Edtech features David Morales, CIO and SVP of Technology, at Western Governors University (WGU). David speaks to Dipesh about how democratizing educational technology through open-source projects can bring immense benefit to learning and the community as a whole.

Key Takeaways:

  • Edtech sometimes fails to realize the full potential of software and infrastructure.
  • There is an observed lack of collaboration between groups and institutions.
  • And there is certainly a lack of open source projects.
  • We do this by focusing on one student to start with because talent is universal but the opportunity may not be.
  • We reinvent how we personalize for each student which is transferred into the technology developed.
  • This technology will help us truly understand where each student comes from, their backgrounds, where they excel, and where they don’t.
  • When we do this, we will see the success and value in students.
  • We need to focus on helping the communities each organization serves.
  • By truly having the end goal set as student success, organizations can share what is working well so that other communities can take advantage and make the solution better.
  • The opportunity to open source allows for personalization to consume software in the way that best serves your specific needs and community.
  • We need to implement a collective vision of how we want to serve our students and through which digital transformations – where, how, and when.

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