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Episode 10

Sustaining and Bettering Digital Learning Experiences

Brief description of the episode

Catch Amanda McGee of Accelerate Learning in conversation with Dan Gizzi from Magic EdTech as they discuss the best ways to reach a happy medium between in-person and digital learning experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • At the beginning of 2020, schools and districts implemented too many systems at once without the necessary and proper training for all.
  • We need a proper balance of instructional training between digital learning and traditional learning.
  • The value of relationships between teachers and students in the classroom can’t be replaced but devices in school will continue to increase and be incorporated.
  • Schools need to focus on providing internet access and resources for kids.
  • Traditional learning is one-size-fits-all, while a virtual environment allows us to differentiate and tailor-fit individual things to specific students.
  • Curriculums need to be transferred to a digital platform.
  • That way it can keep growing and morphs with a teacher’s plans.
  • Focus the most on the students and what kind of experiences they need to be successful. We often forget that the teachers are the direct conduit between resources and kids.
  • We need to focus more on the teacher and realize that they are the driving force of our children’s learning.
  • Teachers need to focus on what was positive during the complete virtual world and blend it into their classrooms.
  • We need to realize that there is no quick-fix for digital learning or in-person instruction.
  • Learner insights and data can help us arrive at an ideal mix between digital and in-person instruction, and hybrid learning can be optimized for the best student outcomes.
  • For true learning product success, edtech companies need to continue to improve their user experiences and ensure that their platforms are easily adopted by students and teachers alike.

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