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Episode 9

Role of Tech and Project-Based Learning in Improving Learning Opportunities

Brief description of the episode

In this podcast episode, Jeff Imrich from Rock By Rock speaks to our host, Annu Singh about how to improve student success through project-based learning.

Key Takeaways:

  • Project-based learning can empower kids to gain the skills, confidence, and agency they need to thrive in their future.
  • Providing educators with high-quality curriculum and support can help them accelerate learning.
  • Students can be motivated to advance through their courses using real-world learning experiences that stem from project-based learning.
  • Project-based learning needs to be made scalable.
  • We need to lower the barriers of entry for teachers to engage in real-world learning with their kids.
  • For project-learning experiences to be successful, they should be made more flexible so that teachers can easily implement the project in their classrooms.
  • There are really big opportunities and really big challenges in project-based learning.
  • Immersive learning experiences are definitely a growing sphere. Imagine if every classroom had the ability to have VR or augmented reality headsets, you could take a virtual field trip to practically any place.
  • But the practical challenges of this are the availability of devices and internet broadband speeds.
  • While there is much opportunity in project-based learning, we also need to make sure projects are affordable and accessible so that all kids have equitable access to learning.

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