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Episode 7

The Future of Tech-Enabled Professional Learning and Development

Brief description of the episode

In the 7th episode of Tech in EdTech, as Amber Orenstein, BetterLesson talks about the future of tech-enabled professional learning and development with Annu C Singh, Magic EdTech. Listen Now!

Key Takeaways:

  • Adaptive digital products are awesome, but if they are not used by a master teacher, the tools can not be effective
  • There is no better lever that we can pool for our students than supporting the educator, teachers, principals, and administrators
  • If you improve teacher practice and their ability to focus on student-centered learning, you are going to create stronger student outcomes
  • Create an environment where teachers can feel successful and confident in their work, where they can feel supported and ready for the day and future.
  • The more we can make teachers feel grounded the better they can navigate the changes they encounter
  • Teachers want and need to learn more about how to support students and themselves through unprecedented times that we witnessed with the pandemic.
  • Teachers to do so much more than teach reading and math
    Support students as whole people, understand each student, what they are going through, and help them overcome trauma
  • Teachers and administrators need expert support and training.
  • Building professional learning experiences and strategies that evolve to meet the changing needs of students
  • No replacement for a high-quality teacher that is well prepared and can anticipate the needs of their students
  • Rather than dreading using another learning tool, building professional learning pathways, workshops, and coaching with help teachers succeed in implementing these programs
  • Focusing on making tools, teachers, and the classroom ecosystem fit together will help provide exceptional support and experiences for students and educators

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