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Case Study

Achieving Accessibility Compliance with Texas State Standards for an Educational Platform

Key Result Highlights

  • Resolved over 1K accessibility issues identified in the audit by collaborating closely with sprint teams for efficient solutions.
  • Achieved compliance with Texas state accessibility standards on the first attempt.
  • Achieved full compliance on the platform creating a truly inclusive learning environment.
  • Engaged native users in rigorous testing to validate enhancements, significantly boosting user experience.

The Client

The client is a prominent publishing company for educational content, software, and services for pre-K through postgraduate education based in the US.

The Challenge

The client aimed to make their platform accessible by meeting Texas State Standards, WCAG 2.1 AA, and Section 508. The goal was to achieve full compliance within a defined timeline to enhance user experience and meet legal requirements.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Conduct thorough testing with individuals with disabilities to ensure the platform is usable by all.
    • Collaborate with the remediation team to address all identified
      accessibility issues during testing, making the platform fully
    • Ensure the platform adheres to state accessibility standards to guarantee equitable access for all users.

Our Approach

    • Magic EdTech established a retain team of CPACC & section 508 certified testers.
    • Collaborated with 18 sprint teams throughout the process to integrate accessibility compliance into development cycles.
    • Audited 100% of the platform features and reported defects with detailed rationale and recommendations.
    • Engaged native testers with visual impairment and motor disabilities to provide expert advice during the audit.
    • Submitted a comprehensive report to Texas State, including a Cover Sheet and fully compliant ACR, for successful submission.

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