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Case Study

Rigorous Testing for User Adoption and Performance on a Kids Educational App

Key Result Highlights

  • Successful adoption of the product on App Store resulted in winning best tablet based app award in Cynopsis Kids Imagination Awards.
  • Automation resulted in 10% cost reduction overall.
  • Based on the success of the product, client decided to develop similar app on other platforms.

The Client

Client is a global leader in learning, providing content and services to millions of students, teachers, and parents worldwide.

The Challenge

The client wanted their first of its kind app to be tested thoroughly on multiple platforms and tested for both content and platform fidelity.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Initiate testing with iOS tablets and phones and gradually expand the coverage.
    • Make performance testing a key component.
    • Focus on battery consumption, memory usage, insufficient space, and memory leaks.

Our Approach

    • Strategized robust test plan for user experience and usability testing against Apple’s HIG and Nelson’s heuristics evaluation guidelines.
    • Carried out performance testing to test the crash log, battery consumption, memory usage, insufficient space, and memory leaks.
    • Provided automation solutions for asset launching to ensure better quality and efforts savings.

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