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Case Study

Enhancing Accessibility of a K-12 Educational Program for Chromebooks

Key Result Highlights

  • Achieved rapid team scaling with 100 members onboarded within 8-9 weeks to meet Back To School timelines efficiently.
  • Secured California bid for the client by successfully addressing key Accessibility requirements.
  • Implemented tools and processes ensuring all future interactivities are developed with inherent Accessibility features, in addition to remediating existing content.

The Client

The client is a US-based K-12 publisher with their key programs consisting of multiple interactive games to support student learning, motivation, and engagement through integration.

The Challenge

There was a need for their existing program to be designed for use on Chromebooks and make the interactives accessible.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Meet a steep ‘Back To School’ timeline.
    • Ensure that the transformed product meets the strict quality benchmarks set forth by the client.
    • Conduct thorough testing to accommodate the vast user base seamlessly.
    • Assemble a proficient team with proven expertise in Chromebook app development.

Our Approach

    • Magic EdTech created a project plan that included feasibility analysis, thorough audit and working with the existing code to remediate the interactives for accessibility.
    • The instructional design & editorial teams collaborated closely with the development and accessibility teams to ensure tasks such closed captioning and alt text writing and learning effectiveness are well taken care of.
    • Our accessibility team engaged users with disabilities in thorough testing and certification processes to ensure interactives met Accessibility standards.
    • Established a device farm for rigorous testing across a spectrum of devices and assistive technologies, including Jaws, Chromevox, Narrator, and VoiceOver.

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