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Case Study

Ensuring WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance for an Educational Publisher’s Portal

Key Result Highlights

  • Identified approximately 1,000 accessibility defects across the three user personas.
  • Released features every 2 days to adhere to project deadlines.
  • Facilitated real-time customer feedback through a continuously updated audit report.
  • Guided design adjustments to address defects with minimal disruption.
  • Delivered a comprehensive VPAT report detailing the impact of accessibility defects.

The Client

The client is a distinguished leader in the educational publishing sector, with a rich history spanning 25 years, dedicated to advancing educational technology and ensuring their digital solutions meet the highest standards of quality and accessibility.

The Challenge

The client needed to ensure their educational portal for Student, Teacher, and Admin personas met WCAG 2.1 AA compliance for a Texas submission. Although initially tested by an external vendor, they sought a thorough third-party audit to confirm compliance and identify any overlooked issues. Expecting only minor defects, they required a complete audit of the application across three test environments within six months. The final deliverable was a comprehensive VPAT to provide stakeholders with a detailed report on accessibility compliance.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Plan backward in detail to cover all personas across environments, ensuring delivery of the VPAT within the six-month timeframe.
    • Publish timelines before starting the engagement to help the client plan remediation and resource utilization effectively.
    • Maintain close collaboration with bi-weekly meetings to keep the client fully informed of progress.
    • Consult on resolving complex accessibility defects.
    • Adhere to established timelines diligently.
    • Engage native users and accessibility experts to address accessibility issues effectively.

Our Approach

    • Assembled a specialized team of CPACC and Section 508 certified testers.
    • Crafted a strategy to cover shared features among personas, optimizing time and meeting deadlines.
    • Developed a detailed backlog, allocating features across sprints for efficient persona coverage.
    • Delivered an in-depth audit report with detailed recommendations and rationale.

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