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Case Study

Setting up a Global Competency Center to Maximize Efficiencies

Key Result Highlights

  • Successfully established a 30-member team within a month.
  • Achieved 50% cost savings in the first year, increasing to 65% by the third year.
  • Leveraged AI effectively for quick scaling to meet growing needs.

The Client

The client is a leading edtech company, operating one of the world’s largest Learning Management Systems (LMS). Serving over 6000 ed institutes, they have a learning services arm dedicated to developing curricula for K-12 and higher ed. With around 2000 employees based in the US, the company has a significant global presence.

The Challenges

    • Cost and Scalability: The company faced soaring costs in curriculum development due to a largely US-based workforce, impacting its profit margins. The need to scale their team was becoming financially prohibitive.
    • Outsourcing: Exploring outsourcing options, they struggled to find a suitable vendor in lower-cost markets, who could understand and develop content for the North American education system.
    • Expansion Goals: Their aim was to initiate a 50-member team and expand it to 200 within three years.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Cost Reduction and Profitability: Central to their strategy was reducing costs without compromising on quality.
    • Gen AI Integration: They aimed to leverage General AI for scalability, coupled with subject matter expert oversight to maintain content quality.
    • Cultural and Operational Alignment: Ensuring the new offshore team aligned well with the local U.S. team was a priority.

Our Approach

    • Hybrid Team Structure: We proposed a team predominantly based in India, complemented by key roles in the U.S., to balance cost-effectiveness with quality and cultural alignment.
    • AI and Human Collaboration: Focusing on a synergistic approach, we integrated Gen AI with human oversight to achieve scalability and quality.
    • Strong Governance: A robust governance structure was put in place to ensure smooth project management and early detection and resolution of issues.

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