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Case Study

Streamlining LAUSD Approval and Developing Intellectual Assets for a Leading K-12 Provider

Key Result Highlights

  • Successfully secured approval for curriculum and integrations within LAUSD, significantly expanding their reach.
  • Bridged communication gaps across time zones, ensuring smooth collaboration.

The Client

The client is a a leading provider of innovative K-12 astronomy education tools and curriculum.

The Challenge

The client was seeking to expand into the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second-largest school district in the US. Furthermore, they aimed to enhance their long-term business value by creating intellectual property assets, including APIs and system software, for seamless Learning Management Systems integration.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Educational System Collaboration: Navigating complex educational environments and technical integrations.
    • Intellectual Property Development: Creating software assets for seamless content delivery.
    • Strategic Approval: Gaining LAUSD’s approval and adoption of the curriculum and integrations.

Our Approach

    • Magic assembled a skilled team quickly to address the client’s immediate needs and long-term goals.
    • Successfully navigated the demanding LAUSD approval process, securing adoption of the curriculum and integrations.
    • Developed valuable intellectual property assets through customized integrations, APIs, and content navigation functionalities.
    • Effectively managed multiple projects, including integrations with various content libraries.

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