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Transform Archaic Platforms

When it comes to technology, change is the only constant. The learning platforms built on yesterday’s technologies will provide a suboptimal experience today.

Transform your legacy platforms seamlessly with Magic to meet your business goals and provide your users a superior experience.
Platform Transformation Journey
  • Analyzing the existing platform

    Understanding its current and historical usage, the tech stack used to build it, and the underlying architecture.

  • Identifying the gaps

    Determining the functional, experiential, and technical gaps in the platform using stakeholder interviews and support tickets.

  • Creating a transformation plan

    Developing a plan keeping in mind the business objectives, the desired learning outcomes, and the gaps identified.

  • Transforming the platform

    Executing the plan to transform the legacy platform into a next-generation learning experience using the latest technologies.

Platform Transformation in Numbers
  • 30+
    Years of EdTech Experience
  • 65+
    Platforms Transformed
  • 35+
    Transformation Experts
  • 97%
    On-Time Deliveries
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