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Transforming a Content Authoring Tool to Improve Usage and Reduce Cost per Title


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Content Authoring Tool

Business Need

The client is a leading educational publisher and provides content, assessment, and digital services to learners, educational institutions, governments, and other partners globally. They used an authoring tool that couldn’t scale up to meet the rapidly growing demand for immersive digital content. Also, the tool wasn’t adopted readily because of its convoluted user experience. As a result, authoring took place in 3rd party tools (Eg. MS Word, Adobe Indesign).

These outputs were then imported into the authoring tool leading to a delay in the entire production cycle. To change that, and to create robust content that meets the needs of their users, the client wanted to build a next-generation content authoring platform. A tool that could improve the speed of publishing and reduce the cost per title. The tool had to be made such that it was easy to use and could be adopted readily by their authors and production staff. Magic was brought in to provide expertise and help scale up their internal teams working on the development of this platform.

Key Outcomes

  • Extremely easy and intuitive user interface to ensure rapid adoption by the internal teams.
  • Stabilizing performance for thousands of concurrent users working on the tool.
  • Upstream QA teams working closely with the development teams to ensure high-quality releases to the business teams.

Our Approach

  • Established a solid core team consisting of developers, user experience specialists, performance testers working with the client team.
  • Tested every release for publishing performance improvement and stability during concurrent usage.
  • Involved the user groups (Authors, Editors, Production teams) at every stage of the development process to ensure the end user perspective is ingrained in the development.
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