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Case Study

End-to-end Testing Implementation for a Leading LMS

Key Result Highlights

  • Brought stability to the LMS system by reducing bug leakage by 80%.
  • Increased test case automation by 70%.
  • Improved the coverage in existing automation scripts by 50%.

The client

The client offers a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) to

The Challenge

The client had low testing capacity and coverage across all LMS modules due to team shortages. They needed an offshore platform testing partner who could understand their LMS and conduct end-to-end functional testing. They wanted to automate processes and transfer the QA activities to the Magic Team.

Critical Success Factors

    • Close collaboration with the onshore team for faster TAT.
    • Gain thorough knowledge of their LMS application.
    • Deliver quality output within SLA for high customer satisfaction.
    • Develop innovative ideas for new test case creation formats for LMS application. Increase test coverage across all modules.

Our Approach

    • The Magic team took complete ownership of bug retesting, regression testing, or sprint testing across the LMS platform.
    • Ensured that 100% of regression and sprint test cases were created and executed.
    • Implemented consistency in test cases through uniform test case formats.
    • Strengthened and stabilized the platform through exploratory testing to identify the grey areas and edge corner scenarios.
    • Added value to the process by creating an induction kit and knowledge capsules for easy and fast knowledge transition and sharing.

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