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Case Study

Courseware Redesign and Automation for Alternative Credit Pathways

Key Result Highlights

  • Emphasized learning design principles for impactful course redesign, augmenting user experience and engagement.
  • Implemented automated production methods for courseware across diverse universities and LMS platforms, ensuring efficiency and consistency in course delivery.
  • Utilized core user experience design elements from initial courseware implementation as a benchmark.
  • Customized design elements to cater to unique university and course-specific requirements.

The Client

The client is the pioneer and market leader in alternative credit pathways, firmly believing in education as a crucial tool to help learners achieve career access and academic success.

The Challenge

The client faced a dual challenge. First, they wanted to deliver high-quality, online courses that offered substantial value to learners. Second, they sought to enhance learners’ career prospects by facilitating college credit acquisition, obtaining industry certifications, continuing education, earning stackable credentials, and participating in professional development programs.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Refresh 30+ courses using best design practices and incorporating the Gagne 9 model.
    • Update course media scripts using Generative AI.
    • Ensure courses are compatible with WCAG 2.1 standards.
    • Design course content to meet WCAG 2.1 compatibility.
    • Automate the ingesting and assembling interactions within Native LMS, Articulate, and H5P.

Our Approach

    • Magic EdTech built a team of 10 user experience and learning experience experts to remodel and refresh the courseware.
    • IAAP-certified accessibility consultants, as well as PwD (Persons with Disabilities), were involved in ensuring courseware compliance with WCAG 2.2 standards.
    • After the inputs and outputs were defined, user interactions were listed and iterations were made.
    • Created an automated workflow to ingest content into HTML courseware templates on the LMS.

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