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Making Certification Exams Accessible For A Leading Assessment Company

Our accessibility experts worked upstream to drive eficiencies and ensure compliance with Section 508 standards.

Drove cost reduction of 30% for the client due to Magic EdTech’s in-house reusable frameworks.

The Client

The client is a global leader of performance-based certification
exams and test solutions. Their solutions are delivered through
an expansive network of 15000+ testing centers.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a scalable solution to make their
certification exams accessible.



Critical Success Parameters

  • The exams needed to be compatible with multiple screen
  • Objects and elements of the exams needed to be compliant
    with Section 508 and WCAG standards.
  • The exams needed to meet Microsoft Accessibility
    Standards (MAS).

Our Solution

  • Magic EdTech created an accessibility standards-compliant
    specification for each component in the certification exams.
  • Wireframes and visual designs were created in close
    collaboration with the client.
  • After the inputs and outputs were defined, user interactions
    were listed and iterations were made.
  • A testing framework was established to check each future
    component for accessibility compliance so that the client
    could build accessibility-compliant exams at scale.

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