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Case Study

Optimizing Content Migration for a Test Prep Company

Key Result Highlights

  • Cost of ingestion reduced by 80% compared to manual solution.
  • The entire project was completed in 2 months instead of 10-12 months projected with the manual approach.
  • ECS content reached hundreds of thousands of new users due to it being digitally available.

The Client

The client is a Texas based test prep company that helps over half a million students annually with their assessment product.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a cost effective and less time consuming way of migrating their digital content to their acquired startup’s digital content distribution platform.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Migrated content should be easy to use and without any errors.
    • Content ingestion to happen using automation in order to avoid the high cost of manual work and the stretched timelines.
    • 2 rounds of QA and review on the ingested content to ensure accuracy and completeness of the work.

Our Approach

    • Created an automation tool that converted Quark PDF to Word and then Word to Moodle XML. This XML was then ingested into Moodle using automation.
    • Built an automation test script to run post the ingestion process and check the sanity of ingested content followed by human spot checks.
    • The ingestion tool ran in the background while users performed tasks such as data preparation and content touch ups before being ingested.

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