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Case Study

Expanding Traditional Training Offerings to Comprehensive Online Courses

Key Result Highlights

  • Developed an online library with 300+ courses for a wide range of educational and business certification options for businesses.
  • Successfully managed training subscriptions, eLearning courses, and instructor-led sessions through a single, robust platform.
  • Transformed on-site training to accessible, purchasable online formats, enhanced with an AI interface, while optimizing costs.

The Client

The client is a leading training center specializing in educational and business certifications for businesses. Initially conducting all training classes at a physical site, they sought to adapt to changing circumstances post-COVID-19 by expanding their offerings online while maintaining in-person sessions.

The Challenge

The client aimed to transition a significant portion of their training services online. This involved developing courses through various delivery methods, including course subscriptions, eLearning modules, and instructor-led training sessions. The challenge lay in effectively integrating these diverse online formats with their existing physical training site offerings.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Consolidate training content onto one platform.
    • Develop an AI interface to enhance accessibility and user-friendliness for clients in discovering training resources.
    • Transition traditional on-site training to online formats while optimizing budgetary resources.

Our Approach

    • Developed an online training library with 300+ available online courses.
    • Managed training subscriptions, eLearning courses, and all training classes using one robust platform.
    • Transformed training to be accessible, easy to purchase, and completely online.

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