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Build Engaging Learning Products

Translate your vision into reality by creating products that meet the desired learning objectives and enhance learning for everyone. Great learning products don’t just happen.

They are carefully crafted by experts using a process that prioritizes learning experiences and quality content.

Augment Existing Learning Products or Build from Scratch With AI

Speed up the pace of product development and sharpen the outcomes. Our unique blend of responsible AI and in-house experts helps your team scale development, testing, security, and more.

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Product Development Journey
  • Identifying learning objectives

    Understanding the learning goals and objectives and mapping them to the learner’s grade and discipline.

  • Finalizing the product type

    Determining the product type -- video-based, interactive, text-based, assessment, or a combination -- based on the learning analysis and your business goals.

  • Creating the right content

    Developing content and curriculum that delivers what students and educators need in the most engaging and effective way.

  • Add Visual Appeal

    Enrich the content with the use of engaging media in the forms of visuals, animations, audios, and effects.

  • Digitizing the content

    Turning this content into easy-to-use digital products that students and teachers can access anywhere.

  • Quality Testing

    Ensuring that the product and the associated content assets go through rigorous quality tests to provide seamless learning experiences.

Our Experience Building Learning Products
  • 3M+
  • 2000+
  • 1000+
    Learning Games
  • 5000+
    SCORM Courses
  • 10000+
    Interactive Digital Learning Objects

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