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Align to Standards

Education departments across various countries and states define curriculum standards that serve as a guiding path for content creators and product developers.

Aligning your products to these learning standards, helps your users teach and learn better while giving assurance to your buyers that you are a credible and trustworthy product provider.
Standards Alignment Journey
  • Identifying the grade, discipline, and learning objectives of the product

    Defining and determining the standards that apply to your product and curriculum.

  • Mapping your product’s distribution plan

    Mapping your curriculum to specific standards is critical when you are looking to distribute your product in those regions.

  • Creating the alignment plan

    Deciding the standards that your product needs to meet based on the information obtained from the previous steps.

  • Aligning the curriculum and learning products

    Aligning your products to the right state, national, and discipline-specific standards so that they are accepted by the buyers and improve learning for all.

Learning Product Alignment in Numbers
  • 100+
    Courses Aligned
  • 50+
    Standards Aligned
  • 5
    Product Adoption by no. of States

Helping A Leading Virtual Schools Provider Map Their Courses To Florida State Standards

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