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Case Study

Helping A Leading Virtual Schools Provider Map Their Legacy And Modern Courses To Florida State Standards.

Key Result Highlights

  • 30+ course alignment completed in 2 months.
  • 100% successful adoption by the state of Florida.
  • 8+ alignment experts team assigned in 1 week.

The Client

The client is the biggest provider of private virtual schools in the US.

The Challenge

The client wanted to align their online courses – both legacy and newly developed – to the Florida State Standards. The client needed a partner experienced in developing truly defensible alignments for the Florida standards. They entrusted Magic with the alignment of Algebra, Science, Biology, World Languages and other courses.

Critical Success Parameters

    • Florida was a mission-critical territory for the client’s business strategy. They wanted extra emphasis on the details and nuances of a proper alignment.
    • Tight turnaround to accommodate the adoption timelines.
    • Collaborative, agile delivery model to iterate between the client and Magic and result in thoughtfully developed artifacts for the state’s consideration.

Our Solution

    • Given the unique nature of Florida standards, we did a thorough analysis of those changes and how it would affect client courses
    • To meet tight timelines, we ramped up our team of SMEs (former educators) to ensure the mappings and rationales were in place in time to ensure compliance.
    • Created an agile delivery model to help the client absorb the findings and modify courses at the end – as needed – to improve the overall outcomes, compliance with the state’s requirements, and improve the opportunity for the client to grow in Florida.

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