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Episode 23

Creating a Learning Brand that Delivers True Value

Brief description of the episode

John Jorgenson, Chief Marketing Officer of Cambium Learning, chats about building a learning brand from the ground-up, managing multiple portfolios, balancing ROIs, and what most edtech companies get wrong about this.

Key Takeaways:

  • They should align with your purpose and the core of your company’s foundation.
  • They should be a healthy, growing, and profitable organization themselves that can help your company become better as well.
  • Never settle and make sure the brand is the absolute best at what they do with an equally good value proposition.
  • Use objective elements like efficacy and research to make sure their products solve real problems and are practical, easy, and have a use in real situations.
  • Check subjective elements in the form of whether their aspirations, priorities, and beliefs are the same as yours to be able to work together easily.
  • Always stay committed to why you exist as a business. Help your various go-to-market teams be as competitive and supported so that you impact the top line and bottom line.
  • Stay focused on the real impact and ultimately the people in education – they seek to help kids in need of attention to get their sense of well-being and proficiency to where it should be.
  • It’s not an either-or because that means we have to have a really healthy, growing, profitable business that is of scale to have that kind of impact.
  • Understand that these are inextricably connected – we can’t try to disconnect them if we want to continue to have an impact and grow a business that’s healthy and satisfies investors and gives people great career development potential.
  • Make sure that you are solving real problems from the perspective of teachers and staying connected to them, and ultimately the people that you exist to help.
  • They should be a responsible, healthy, and profitable business that has the plan to scale the business in the right direction to have an impact.
  • During learning brand building, be clear about your focus, and what value you bring and to have real clarity around your own purpose because that’s how one can then connect to the purpose of others.

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