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Episode 19

Enabling Lifelong Learning Through Technology

Brief description of the episode

Don’t miss this episode with Matthew Tower as he elaborates on what the current gaps in workforce learning are right now, and how to plug these using technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • We need to address the big challenge of program design.
  • Right now, even with high-quality videos, you may still need a human in the loop to actually get the student to understand it.
  • Also, grease the skids of getting folks to learn better on the job and make it actually reasonable for an employee to accomplish.
  • To overcome this, provide tuition assistance benefits or access to a library of vetted content so that employees can ask a question to an employer-approved resource and get an answer.
  • Workforce learning has really been captured by this form of learning. Where you learn in four or five-minute increments and there’s a lot of investment going into this space.
  • Microcredentials could work, but they can be bettered by making them time-bound.
  • Boot camps do reasonably well since they are timebound and intensive, focused on skill acquisition and it’s probably not sufficient for your whole career to do one boot camp, but I think they can get you to the next level.
  • Learning platforms and tools that give employees better insights on career navigation. One of the biggest gaps right now is for a tool that is helping plan your career.
  • L&D tools that help employers with workforce planning, succession planning, or department planning.
  • A platform where the employee is getting the best advice possible, not necessarily from their employer.
  • Larger investments in people and learning.
  • Infrastructure to help with integrations.
  • Trends towards no code which is kind of adjacent to the workforce learning future of workspace. Making it easier than ever to build and pilot a learning product.
  • Tools that measure learning efficacy and measuring the ROI to employers.

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