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Episode 22

Taking Learning Interventions Mainstream With Technology

Brief description of the episode

In this episode, David Bain, Senior Vice President, Academic Innovation & Analytics, at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, helps us explore how edtech tools can serve as a means to drive effective learning interventions.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to an Educator Confidence Report (ECR) conducted by HMH, almost 70% of teachers said that EdTech is essential to instruction within the classroom.
  • EdTech is no longer being viewed as just an LMS or a single sign-on, it is becoming a more integral part of the classroom.
  • Teachers are now beginning to integrate technology in the classroom more in order to improve personalization and customization for their students.
  • EdTech personalization can benefit students via computer adaptive testing, ongoing utilization, and identifying student interest within the content that can be used to drive unique learning experiences for students.
  • AI can help assess students’ knowledge and create learning pathways that are better catered to each student than a teacher may be able to do at scale.
  • These tools are in no way intended to replace the relationship between the student and teacher but rather to assist the teacher in supporting the class and individual learners’ needs
  • Most schools have implemented some EdTech solutions, however, these individual systems do not communicate with each other, and therefore all provide reports in different ways.
  • A major improvement would be having more connected systems that can provide holistic reports and insights into the child’s performance.
  • The result of these holistic evaluations would allow a teacher to customize solutions for either groups of students or individual students who may require more support with a particular concept.

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