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Episode 16

How to Drive Successful Early Learning

Brief description of the episode

Matt Bateman, VP of Pedagogy, Higher Ground Education, speaks to Dipesh about the psychology that drives early learning and what ultimately motivates a student to learn. They delve into ways to better utilize screen times and how to structure content so that it appeals to young minds.

Links from the podcast:
Power of tens video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fKBhvDjuy0

Key Takeaways:

  • It encompasses parenting and schooling.
  • It is about thinking about what kind of person you are helping this child grow up to be? It is not something specific like a doctor or lawyer; however, it is about focusing on what are the components of the “good life” and how can I help this child attain them.
  • Every child is unique but focusing on the learning parts of education will help children learn what they need to know to get the foundation of knowledge that we, as human beings, treasure.
  • We need to get clarity on what the purpose of education is.
  • A learning environment must be full of materials that have been created to be accessible to the child and to be open to the child’s choice and exploration.
  • In the child’s choosing these materials and working with them, they will get the foundation of knowledge that they need.
  • These learning materials and experiences must be driven by the child’s interest and consent.
  • This is the main bottleneck.
  • Teachers need to be empowered with a very different approach and technology is invaluable in doing so.

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