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Episode 17

Promoting the Intersectionality of Accessibility with DE&I

Brief description of the episode

In this GAAD-special episode, we invite Shell Little, and Magic EdTech’s Eric Stano and Erin Evans to talk about where accessibility meets DE&I in learning. How can organizations can come together to truly enable “Digital Learning for Everyone”?

Key Takeaways:

  • Accessibility in the digital world is when websites, web tools, and technology are designed and coded so that those with disabilities can use them.
  • When we talk about making learning equitable, we should also ensure that users of any ability are able to get through and out of content with a full understanding.
  • The ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone has equitable access to content presented, whether it be in an EdTech space or any digital space.
  • By doing accessibility work, we should be doing advocacy work. This is more than just a checklist, following guidelines, or fulfilling requirements. This is about finding a way to make things work for all humans and giving those with disabilities a voice.
  • To be fully accessible, you have to think about the product that you are putting out, and ask yourself: How am I including users of different backgrounds and different abilities while I am building this?
  • Start by having DE&I conversations specific to accessibility and delve deep into what that looks like. Have open conversations to work towards an inclusive, supportive environment.
  • A lot of the time organizations lack the voices of disabled people and different backgrounds themselves.
  • There is so much power behind someone being able to talk about their experiences rather than learning about someone else’s experiences second-hand.
  • DE&I and Accessibility need to become a part of the DNA of an organization. It is not the responsibility of one individual. It is part of everyone’s mindset.

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