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SmartPage allows book authors and production engineers to create eBooks efficiently by converting a PDF or Doc into EPUB 3. The content can then be edited, enriched, and enhanced to create interactive eBooks that work across all platforms.

PDF Conversion

Easy conversion

PDF book conversion into EPUB 3 using one of the standard EPUB 3 profiles or your custom profile

IDPF Compliant

IDPF Standards compliant

100% EPUB 3 standard-compliant conversion tested to work on the top 10 eReaders including iBooks, Adobe Digital Edition, and Kindle

Interactive eBook

Interactive eBooks

Allows EPUB 3 augmentation with interactive content and widgets like glossary, image gallery, videos, and promotes EPUB 3 enrichment


Experience- SmartPage


The content conversion workflow is crafted with the following design aspects in mind:
  • Page fidelity (outcome same as source)
  • Optimal load time
  • Rendering of special characters
  • Content structure that supports accessibility
  • Device compatibility
Robust Tool- SmartPage


  • Converted 50 million pages so far
  • Real time document conversion in seconds
  • High fidelity content that renders seamlessly on different devices
Features- SmartPage

Key Features

  • Support for adding videos and read-aloud features
  • High fidelity content that renders seamlessly on different devices
  • High fidelity contents that renders seamlessly on different devices