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Upskill and Reskill Your Workforce for Talent Mobility

Talent Mobility Solutions to Meet Business Needs

We employ a strategic approach to help your organization ensure the seamless movement, development, and retention of employees. From learning program development to corporate learning technology, Magic EdTech is your go-to partner for upskilling and reskilling your workforce.

What we offer

Harness our technological proficiency to conduct smooth organization-wide skill assessments. Our expertise extends to integrating engaging assessment modules and analytics platforms seamlessly into your learning environment, providing a dynamic approach to evaluating employee skills. Utilizing analytics tools, we offer continuous assessment insights, enabling you to pinpoint areas for growth and track progress effectively. Beyond assessments, we specialize in crafting personalized learning plans and aligning upskilling initiatives with individual career aspirations. Talk to us about our skills assessment solutions for workforce development.

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Give learners the practical skills they need to excel in their chosen careers. Our immersive learning labs help you transform content into experiences using AR, VR, Simulations, and other emerging tech. We develop customizable programs that are frameworks-based to help you build rapidly and scalably while keeping costs in check. Our immersive learning solutions foster ‘learning-by-doing,’ ensuring your skills evolve in tandem with market needs.

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By providing you with real-time analyses of supply and demand dynamics, we pinpoint high-demand skills, aligning your learning journey for heightened employability. Our consulting services offer AI-driven trend reports and skill analysis, empowering organizations and institutions to navigate the ever-changing landscape of professional development.

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Need a technology boost? Our in-house software development experts help you convert conventional training into effective online training. Use our digital services to boost in-house platforms or empower your workforce with immersive learning. Elevate the learning experience through a bidirectional process, making upskilling enjoyable and memorable. Additionally, our offerings extend beyond learning, encompassing learning consulting and tech support to amplify your organizational and institutional growth.

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Enable individuals on your team to earn industry-recognized certifications. Our micro-credentialing solutions ensure a dynamic, hands-on approach, adding credibility to skill acquisition. Help employees showcase their newfound skills to unlock doors to career advancement and opportunities. Additionally, explore our tailored services in content and short program development designed to meet the evolving needs of your organization or institution.

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Have a specific request that's not covered here? Connect with our team to explore additional details about our solutions for workforce development.