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Seamless Integration of Adaptive, Formative, and Summative Evaluations

In response to the evolving educational and organizational landscape, our adaptive, summative, and formative assessment solutions address the challenges faced by educators and HR professionals. Tailored to individual learning needs and seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, our offerings ensure personalized learning experiences while providing valuable insights and continuous improvement opportunities. With user-friendly interfaces and robust support, we empower educators and administrators to optimize learning outcomes confidently.

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What we offer

To meet educators’ and HR professionals’ platform development challenges, our adaptive, summative, and formative assessment solutions offer comprehensive training, flexible pricing, and seamless integration with existing systems. With user-friendly interfaces and robust support, we empower users to confidently optimize learning outcomes while ensuring data security and privacy compliance.

In the evolving landscape of education and organizations, the shift towards AI-driven adaptive assessments is accelerating. Our tailored solutions ensure a smooth transition, seamlessly integrating into existing workflows without disruption. Designed for ease of adoption, our innovative tools empower users to embrace the future of assessment effortlessly.

Our adaptive assessment models, utilizing the three-parameter logistic model (3PL), offer precise evaluation of learners’ skills, aiding in identifying knowledge gaps and crafting tailored, engaging content. This ensures educators can develop personalized strategies to enhance learning outcomes effectively.

Our AI/ML-based framework, built on the IRT 3PL Model and end-to-end open-source technology, streamlines platform development or transformation. Whether starting from scratch or upgrading, our solution offers flexibility and scalability, enabling personalized assessments to engage and challenge learners effectively while ensuring compatibility with existing systems.

Our approach to universal design and WCAG compliance, coupled with assistive tools for audio, visual, and keyboard support, ensures equitable access for all learners. With comprehensive guidance and user testing, our solutions prioritize accessibility while enhancing the overall user experience, empowering learners to succeed regardless of their abilities or learning preferences.

To meet the challenges of proctoring assessments, we offer scalable solutions with advanced AI technology for maintaining academic integrity. Our streamlined services prioritize student privacy, integrate seamlessly with existing platforms, and provide comprehensive training, ensuring efficient and effective monitoring in both remote and traditional exam settings.

The Magic Difference

Magic Edtech’s user-friendly interface streamlines integration of assessments, easing adoption for educators and developers. It enables precise evaluation of skills, customization of content, and supports platform transformation efforts seamlessly.

Our WCAG-compliant solution seamlessly integrates with existing platforms, providing accommodation-rich experiences for diverse test-takers. User-friendly design and comprehensive support ensure accessibility is prioritized throughout the assessment process, fostering inclusivity and equity.

Our manual scoring tools seamlessly integrate into our next-gen interface, simplifying open response assessment scoring and providing near-real-time performance insights. This empowers educators to make informed decisions, personalize learning, and optimize student engagement efficiently.

We offer powerful proctoring tools with integrated security features, enhancing administrative controls and ensuring a fair testing environment. Seamlessly integrate these tools into existing workflows, empowering educators to maintain assessment integrity and support precision learning initiatives.

Magic develops assessment software with seamless integration into existing systems like LMSs, ensuring simplicity and improved access to assessment tools. Prioritize user-friendly interfaces across devices to streamline workflows and enhance teaching and learning experiences.

We streamline user management with enhanced authentication and access control processes, empowering administrators to effortlessly oversee accounts and permissions for a unified approach. Simplify onboarding and ensure security compliance, facilitating seamless integration with existing systems and smooth transitions during platform development or transformation.

How we drive results

Experience the results we’ve enabled for countless organizations, brining efficacy and ease to their content development process.


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