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Magic EdTech, through its vast experience in interactive digital content services, has partnered with publishers across geographies and created products that have consistently engrossed and “wowed” learners in all grades and levels.

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The multi-skilled content development service team at Magic EdTech re-imagines a concept, a lesson or a complete curriculum in a way that it imparts effective learning. This enables engaging learners with an experience that is at par with their wider digital experience.

Platform + Content Expertise

  • End-to-End content development services,content production and testing services
  • Able pool of experienced Science, Math, Social Studies and Language SMEs
  • Strong technology teams that understand both content and platform

Technology Focus

  • Content development, production and testing via automation tools
  • Magic EdTech is open to sharing tools with its clients under strategic long-term relationships

Full Accessibility

  • All content is built using proprietary reusable frameworks that create fully-accessible content
  • All our editorial, design, creative arts, development and testing teams are fully trained in accessibility