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Advance Product Teams through Thoughtful AI Integration

DeepSight, Magic’s in-house AI-Human service framework, brings you a suite of AI-powered tools that contribute to a leaner, more effective software development life cycle.

Do more with less

Anticipate, adapt, and enhance processes, ultimately delivering more valuable solutions.

Add a host of new features to products

Automate integrations across the dev landscape

Ensure uncompromised security and privacy

Go to market quicker

Automate tasks. Boost productivity. Deliver exceptional products.

  • Seamless coordination through automated workflows
  • AI-powered tools, services, and integrations that free up time for innovation
  • Comprehensive customer insights for informed decision-making
  • Enhanced collaboration and real-time communication
  • Optimal resource allocation and increased revenue potential

Why Magic?

Join a league of organizations who enjoy the benefits of DeepSight’s Responsible AI framework applied across their software development functions.

  • 50%

    Productivity gains across product development

  • 100+

    Highly skilled team trained on AI Frameworks

  • Responsible AI

    Frameworks driven by human intervention

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