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Magic EdTech brings a productized-solutions approach with ready-to-use architecture and reusable libraries. We offer a fleet of rich and immersive content solutions that are powerful and cost-efficient.

Augmented Reality - Magic EdTech

Augmented Reality

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Gamified Learning Content - Magic EdTech

Gamified Learning Content

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Interactive digital content - Magic EdTech

Interactive Digital Content

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Simulations and digital learning objects – Magic EdTech

Simulations and Digital Learning Objects

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Productized Solutions

  • We bring ready-to-use frameworks and templates to create immersive content.
  • We provide end-to-end robust and reusable solutions, along with accessibility for legacy and new products.
  • Our frameworks are focused on analytics.
  • Our robust APIs provide a ready platform integration library using Tin Can/SCORM.


  • Creating immersive eBooks is a breeze using our tools and templates.
  • Our ready-to-use game engines help create gamified learning experiences.
  • Configurable components within our frameworks allow a plug-and-play approach.

Creative and SME Teams

  • Our pool of SMEs and learning architects cover diverse K–12 disciplines, including ELA, Mathematics, Science, or Social Science, and are experts in National and State standards.
  • Our editorial and SME staff is located primarily in local geographies of our clients.
  • Our creative teams build products with high quality user experience.