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MagicA11y Live

Events and Activities for the Accesibilty Community

Explore past sessions from the MagicAlly Live series

Session 15

Effective Web Accessibility Approaches for People With Hearing Disabilities

Session 14

How WCAG 2.2 Fuels Business Growth and Innovation!

Session 13

Prioritizing Accessibility On Social Media

Session 12

Spark Accessibility Vibes: Let's Brush Up A11y!

Session 11

ePub Beyond the Pages: A Journey to Accessible Digital Reading

Session 10

Breaking Barriers: Harnessing the Power of AI for Accessibility

Session 9

Beyond Aesthetics: Prioritizing Color Contrast for Improved Accessibility

Session 8

Navigating the Evolving Landscape of Accessibility: Updates on WCAG, EAA, and Beyond

Session 7

Strategies for Growing an Organizational Accessibility Practice

Session 6

Shift Left: Designing with Accessibility in Mind

Session 5

WCAG 2.2: Breaking Down Accessibility Barriers

Session 4

PDF Accessibility 101: Expectations vs Reality

Session 3

Accessibility VPATs and ACRs: Uncovering Hidden Insights

Session 2

How to Use Accessibility Audits to Your Advantage

Session 1

Building Accessible Products with Invisible Disabilities in Mind

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