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MagicA11y Live - Session 1

Building Accessible Products with Invisible Disabilities in Mind

About the Event

It is estimated that 10% of people in the U.S. have a medical condition which could be considered a type of invisible disability. How can the learning community support the needs of these individuals? What considerations do we take to create and deliver products that are truly inclusive for all?

Takeaways from this event
  • How to build awareness on Invisible Disabilities within your organization
  • How to identify gaps in accessibility within products and content with respect to invisible disabilities
  • Suggestions on how to implement an Accessibility-first approach to build inclusive materials from the ground up

Key Takeaways

Your Hosts

  • Erin Evans

    Director of Accessibility
  • Tarveen Kaur

    Head Accessibility Service
  • Anjali Lalwani

    Specializing in Accessibility

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