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MagicA11y Live - Session 13

Prioritizing Accessibility On Social Media

About the Event

Make the most of your social media channels. This session is designed to give you the tools necessary for achieving universal accessibility in social media. Join us to explore how to achieve your inclusivity goals over all your social channels.

Takeaways from this event
  • Learn the art of crafting text posts, captions, and email communications that are clear, structured, and inclusive. Utilize semantic HTML to ensure logical readability for screen readers.
  • Master the techniques for making images, graphics, and infographics accessible by incorporating descriptive alt texts. Understand the importance of color contrast and text alternatives for intricate visuals.
  • Develop empathy for users with diverse needs, cultivating an inclusive mindset that recognizes accessibility as a central and indispensable aspect of digital content creation. Embrace the opportunity to create content that truly caters to everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Tarveen Kaur

    Head Accessibility Service
  • Anjali Lalwani

    Specializing in Accessibility

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