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MagicA11y Live - Session 12

Spark Accessibility Vibes: Let's Brush Up A11y!

We’re back with the 1st MagicA11y Live session of 2024! Gain valuable insights to make your digital content accessible and a deeper understanding of common terms in accessibility. Stay informed about accessibility laws in the UK, EU, and the US, and discover why prioritizing accessibility is not just a good practice but a crucial step to enter the competitive markets.

Takeaways from this event
  • Grasp the fundamental concepts of digital accessibility and its significance in creating an inclusive online environment.
  • Gain insights into the current state of accessibility worldwide, highlighting the areas that need attention and improvement.
  • Explore the key principles and guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, essential for creating accessible digital content.
  • Navigate through the accessibility legal landscape, understanding the requirements and implications of accessibility laws in the UK, EU, and the US.

Key Takeaways

  • Tarveen Kaur

    Head Accessibility Service
  • Anjali Lalwani

    Specializing in Accessibility

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