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It is tedious to keep switching between multiple LMS and Rosters. Provide a seamless transition experience to your users by integrating your learning products with these third-party platforms using LTI integration standards.

As an IMS Global contributing member, Magic can help you upgrade to the latest standards and thereby, take your products to new platforms and audiences.
How We Can Help
  • LTI Integrations

    Integrate your products and platforms seamlessly with the existing digital learning ecosystem at schools and universities.

  • Upgrade to the Latest LTI Standards

    Stay compliant with the latest standards and upgrade your integrations to match those specifications.

  • Integration Consulting

    Talk to our experts to understand the nuances of your integration issues and possible solutions.

Our Integration Solutions In Numbers
  • 100+
    Integration projects executed
  • 50+
    Products integrated
  • Certified
    IMS Contributing member

Making a Publisher’s Flagship Platform LTI Compliant

Product adopted by users
Adoption time in weeks

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